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All our seven riders will be helped this year by a £50.00 per month credit with the Sheffield spares van. They will start with a £50.00 credit in advance from the 1st March. They will have several options on how to spend the cash.

1/ They can purchase many small items up to the monthly credit limit.

2/ They can purchase a one off item in any one month up to the credit limit.

3/ They can accumulate the cash by spending none or less of the cash in order to purchase an expensive item up to the end of September. £350.00. Balance of cash at end of month will be carried over.

No items can be purchased before there is enough cash in their individual account and the cash cannot be used to pay off previous debts with the spares van.

The remaining fund will be held as an emergency contingency fund. Should this be required at short notice an emergency committee meeting will be held and the issue decided. No fund decisions will be made by any individual under any cicumstances.

As ever our promise is 'EVERY PENNY TO OUR RIDERS' On occasions there will always be an exception to this rule, for example in the case of Gary Stead which we thought was a very deserving case.

Should any similar scenario arise which deserves our help we are sure you will agree to a donation dependant on our resources. Through this site our members will have the opportunity to discuss any variations in policy before their application.

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